In 1956, the Tulsa Press Club and Benevolent Association was authorized by the membership to form an exclusive Headliners Club, composed of not more than 20 of the truly outstanding civic, business, professional and industrial leaders of the community, whose unselfish contribution to the growth, welfare and culture of Tulsa have made them HEADLINERS in every sense of the word.

These carefully chosen men and women have the opportunity of making a lasting contribution to the Tulsa Press Club and Benevolent Association, and the community through Life Memberships in The Club’s organization.

These HEADLINERS shall be afforded all privileges of membership (except the right to vote in elections) and shall have a special place of honor within the club for all time.

Kathy LaFortune (2017), Robert LaFortune (1978), and Bill LaFortune (2017).

Sharon King Davis (2016), Alan Armstrong (2016) and Julius Pegues (2016).

Headliners 2015

Elliot Nelson (2015) Principal Owner, McNellie’s Group & Dr. Keith Ballard (2015)

Headliners 2014

Becky Frank (2014) Managing Partner, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Schnake Turnbo Frank & Major Dan Rooney (2014) Founder, Folds of Honor

Chet Pic Headliners Sm

Chet Cadieux III (2013) CEO & President of QuikTrip

SHARON DAUGHERTY (2012) Co-founder and pastor of Victory Christian Center & STEADMAN UPHAM (2012) President, Tulsa University

NANCY DAY (2011) Executive Director, Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice

STEVE TURNBO (2011) Chairman Emeritus, Schnake Turnbo Frank PR


WILMA MANKILLER (2007) Principal Chief, Cherokee Nation

MICHAEL WALLIS (2007) Author; Reporter; Historian and Biographer of the American West.

HENRY BELLMON (2006) Oklahoma Governor and U.S. Senator

DAVID BOREN (2004) President, University of Oklahoma

KATHY TAYLOR (2004) Oklahoma Secretary of Tourism and Commerce

NANCY FELDMAN (2002) Community Volulnteer

RON KING (2002) Chairman, CEO, and President, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma

ROBERT E. LORTON (2000) Chairman of the Board, World Publishing Company

NANCY MEINIG (2000) Patron of the Arts, Community Volunteer

MOLLIE WILLIFORD (1999) The Williford Companies

JACK ZARROW (1999) President, Zarrow Holding Company

KEITH BAILEY (1998) President, Chairman and CEO, The Williams Co.

SISTER SYLVIA SCHMIDT (1998) Executive Director, Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry

ROXANA LORTON (1997) Community Volunteer

STANLEY LYBARGER (1997) President and CEO, Bank of Oklahoma


PAT WOODRUM (1996) Director, Tulsa City-County Library

CHESTER CADIEUX (1995) President and CEO, QuickTrip Corporation

MAXINE HORNER (1995) Senator, State of Oklahoma

MOSCELYNE LARKING (1992) Co-founder, Tulsa Ballet Theatre

BETTY BRADSTREET (1992) Patron of the Arts

DR. WARREN HULTGREEN (1992) Pastor Emeritus, First Baptist Church

HENRY ZARROW (1991) President and CEO, Sooner Pipe and Supply Corporation

MRS. LEE (GLADYS) HARRINGTON (1989) Harrington’s Store

ROBERT E. BRESNAHAN (1989) Division Manager, Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.

MRS. W. H. (PEGGY) HELMERICH (1987) Patron of the Arts

RAY H. SIEGFRIED (1987) Chairman and CEO, NORDAM

JACK ZINK (1985) President, Zebco, Inc.

JENKIN LLOYD JONES, SR. (1985) Editor and Publisher, The Tulsa Tribune

J. PASCHAL TWYMAN (1985) President,  The University of Tulsa

ROBERT L. PARKER (1984) President, Parker Drilling Company

JAMES C. LEAKE, SR. (1983) President, Leake Industry, Inc.

ROBERT L. LAFORTUNE (1978) Independent Oil Producer

GERALD W. WESTBY (1978) President and CEO, Seismograph Service Corp.

JOHN H. WILLIAMS (1978) Chairman of the Board and CEO, The Williams Company

DAN P. HOLMES (1973)  President, Dan P. Holmes Insurance Company

JOSEPH H. WILLIAMS (1973) Chairman of the Board, The Williams Company

RUSSELL F. HUNT (1973) Vice Chairman of the Board, First National Bank & Trust Company

MRS. GERALD H. (KATIE) WESTBY (1973) Arts and Humanities

HAROLD C. STUART (1967) President, KVOO Radio and Television

JAMES R. ALLISON (1966) President, Warren Petroleum Company

JACKSON P. ARNOLD (1962) Member of the Board of Directors, Public Service Company of Oklahoma

JOHN ROGERS (1961) Attorney at Law

MAUDE LORTON MYERS (1960) Chairman of the Board, Tulsa World

GARY Y. VANDEVER (1958)  President, Vandever’s Department Stores

NORRIS G. HENTHORNE (1958) President, World Publishing Company; Editor, Tulsa World

FREDERICK W. PETERS (1957) Vice-president, Secretary-treasurer, Oklahoma  Natural Gas Company

HARVEY A. HELLER (1957)  Independent Oil Producer

ROBERT W. DOWELL (1957) President, DX Sunray Oil Corporation

A.E. BRADSHAW (1957) President, National Bank of Tulsa; Vice Chairman of the Board, Oklahoma Natural Gas

LAWRENCE L. DRESSER (1957) President, Dresser Engineering Company

W.G. SKELLY (1957) President and CEO, Skelly Oil Company; “Mr. Oklahoma” 1878-1957 Oil-Civic Leader-Radio-TV

R.K.LANE (1957) Chairman of the Board, Public Service Company of Oklahoma

E. FRED JOHNSON (1957) President, Fourth National Bank

W.K. WARREN (1956) Chairman of the Board, Warren Petroleum Company

R. OTIS MCCLINTOCK (1956) Chairman of the Board, First National Bank & Trust